Why Calibrate a T&D TR-72wf?

The T&D TR-72wf gives accurate and reliable readings on temperature and humidity. When your instrument is knocked off its calibration, however, those readings are rendered useless. It is important to periodically calibrate your T&D TR-72wf to ensure your work is not compromised by temperature and humidity readings that are inaccurate.

The T&D TR-72wf guarantees an accuracy reading for the thermistor at ±0.5 degrees Celsius. The accuracy for polymer resistance readings are guaranteed at ±0.5RH at 25 degrees Celsius and 50 percent RH. This is a great accuracy guarantee, but that guarantee loses its luster if you have not calibrated your item recently.

There are a few reasons your T&D TR-72wf could be thrown off of calibration. If you are using your T&D TR-72wf in temperatures outside of its reading zone often, which is -10 to 60 degrees Celsius, your instrument’s accuracy can be compromised. If you keep your T&D TR-72wf in humidity greater than 90 percent RH, or use it in these conditions often, your instrument can also be thrown off of calibration. Furthermore, simple use over time without periodic calibrations can compromise the accuracy of your T&D TR-72wf.

Overall, periodically calibrating your T&D TR-72wf  is the best choice when working within a standard. e2b calibration is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration and repair laboratory providing a full scope of services (traceable to NIST) for most popular calibration, test, and measurement instruments. Services are provided in our climate-controlled, state-of-the-art laboratory with on-site services in Chardon, Mentor, Willoughby, Cleveland, Akron, Cincinnati, Columbus and across the country. Local pick-up and delivery available on request.

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