Two Ways Improper Flow Meter Calibration Can Cost You Money

flow meter calibration

For any company who relies on flow meters, the topic of flow meter calibration is nothing new. But the importance of regular calibration goes far beyond complying with government or industry regulations in order to avoid costly fines. In fact, there are many ways irregular or improper flow meter calibration can cost you.

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For example, for organizations who rely on accurate flow meters to measure fluid transfer by pipeline from one company to another, or from one division to another, accuracy is crucial; for example, in the oil and gas industry. If you’re selling oil or gas, your flow meter will not only ensure proper measurement of material, but will determine the cost of the product being sold and the tax. If you’re flow meter is not accurate, you could be giving away material or unfairly charging customers.

Another way irregular or improper flow meter calibration can cost you is when a degrading meter begins to impact your processes and equipment. As flow meter calibrations drift or degrade, the quality of your product of the cost of doing business can be negatively impacted. Regular flow meter calibration can help you ward off any unnecessary expenses or ware on equipment.

But what is timely or regular calibration?  This can vary from one organization to another. Sometimes it is possible for users to define their own schedule for calibration based on their use of the meters and need for accuracy. So how do you determine your own calibration schedule? We talk more about that in this article.

Other users are mandated by regulations to have their meters calibrated on a pre-determined schedules, in which case there is nothing you can do but ensure you’re following requirements and documenting all calibrations and certifications. If you require NIST traceable calibrations, be sure you’re working with a calibration lab who can provide you with all of the documentation and traceability you need.

Learn more about flow meter calibration best practices and how to choose a calibration service provider in our flow meter calibration guide below. Have questions or need calibration done? Contact us and we’d be happy to help.

 flow meter calibration

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