Turbine Flow Meter : Turbine flow meter calibration

Turbine flow meter 

A turbine flow meter (or axial turbine) measures the mechanical action of the blades in the liquid flow and translates it into a user-readable rate (gpm, lpm, etc.).  the blades turn at a rate proportional to the rate of the flow; this is measured by an electrical element which generates a pulse. The number of pulses over a given period of time are then measured and represent the volume of flow.

turbine flow meters are used for the measurement of natural gas and liquid flow, they can be found in a wide variety of applications in many industries such as automotive, aerospace, petroleum, fire protection (specialized meters) , commercial users, water distribution, and many others.

A turbine flow meter is less accurate than displacement and jet meters at low flow rates, but handle higher flow rates and result in less pressure loss due to the fact that a turbine flow meter measuring element does not get in the way and restrict flow and that flow is generally directed straight through the meter.

Turbine flow meter calibration :

a turbine flow meter needs periodic calibration to ensure they are providing a proper flow reading. Comparing the reading of your meter to that of a master meter can be one way of checking your turbine flow meters accuracy, or use a known flow rate.

Things to consider:

  • A turbine meter should be calibrated at the same kinematic viscosity at which it will be operated in service.
  • Accuracy can vary over the range of the instrument and with temperature and specific weight changes in the fluid.

e2b calibration:

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