Torque Wrench Calibration

torque wrench calibrationTorque wrench calibration is pertinent to those companies that use torque wrenches and require calibration of torque wrenches. Torque wrench calibration is used to calibrate torque wrenches against the national standard. Calibrating torque wrenches is no easy process to companies looking to service torque wrenches ‘in-house,’ and torque wrenches should always be serviced by an accredited calibration lab.

Torque wrench calibration ensures that torque fasteners are properly tightened and that no problems occur with the tightening of nuts. If too little torque is applied, then the nuts and bolts can come loose and fall apart. If too much torque is applied, threading can strip and bolts can become damaged.

A torque wrench is used to measure the rotational force required to tighten a treaded fastener, such as the lug nuts on a car tire. Length and force are the two parameters used to measure torque and the data and settings of a torque wrench are often displayed in foot-pounds or Newton meters. Get your torque wrench calibrated at an accredited calibration lab to maintain accuracy in your measurements.

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