The Case for Electronic Test Equipment Calibration

Electronic Test Equipment CalibrationThe accuracy of electronic devices naturally drifts over time due to use, stress, vibration, and other factors. While it is possible to minimize the change in your test equipment, it is impossible to eliminate drift completely. That is exactly why electronic test equipment calibration must be done at regular intervals as defined by the manufacturer or as you have defined based on the historical accuracy of your device.

By following this schedule you will be reducing measurement errors, ensuring consistency between measurements, increase your production yields, and assure accurate and reliable measurement.

Is it absolutely necessary to practice regular electronic test equipment calibration? Not ┬áif you’re looking for only a rough measurement. But in many other cases, accuracy of the result is crucial so regular calibration is a must. Many companies require both formal measurements and rough measurements for different situations; if that’s the case for you, it’s a best practice to ensure all equipment available for use is fully calibrated to ensure mistakes are not made if a technician or employee grabs the wrong piece of equipment. Yes it will require a bit more of an investment to have all of your equipment calibrated, but the cost is minimal compared to the consequences of a mistake that could lead to injury, unhappy customers, and your reputation.

To help you meet your calibration needs, e2b calibration provides electronic test equipment calibration and repair in our 17025 ISO Accredited calibration laboratory. We know how important accuracy, traceability, and compliance is and we pride ourselves on strict adherence to quality assurance procedures ensures that you will be in full compliance with your customers, vendors, and industry regulations. Contact us today for a free quote! Click the button below to get started.

Electronic Test Equipment Calibration

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