The Case for Electronic Test Equipment Calibration

Electronic Test Equipment CalibrationThe accuracy of electronic devices naturally drifts over time due to use, stress, vibration, and other factors. While it is possible to minimize the change in your test equipment, it is impossible to eliminate drift completely. That is exactly why electronic test equipment calibration must be done at regular intervals as defined by the manufacturer or as you have defined based on the historical accuracy of your device.
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Test Equipment Calibration: 14 Reasons to Make it a Priority

test equipment calibrationWe have said it on our blog many times, but it remains to be true, routine test equipment calibration is important no matter what your industry or your application. Regular calibration can reduce costs, ensure safety, and much more. Instruments have become more sensitive as technoloy has advanced, but that means making sure those highly sensitive instruments are well cared for to ensure they are always functioning at their best. That is exactly why regular calibration is essential and should be a priority in any organization that utilizes test equipment.

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Test Equipment Calibration and Repair

Test Equipment CalibrationYou spend a lot of time and money carefully selecting and purchasing your test equipment, and you do so because you need them to be accurate and reliable so you can trust not only the test equipment, but the equipment under test. If you rely on accurate readings for performance, cost efficiency, and safety, working with an instrument that is not properly calibrated can cause some very serious problems.  Doing a field test is not the same as sending your instruments in for regular test equipment calibration because calibration is only effective if the calibration standard is more accurate than the instrument under test; you won’t know if that is the case with a field test. Continue reading

Test Equipment Calibration: How to Choose Your Calibration Service Provider

With the ever increasing requirements for test equipment calibration, the question of where to send your equipment is critical. There are many options out there, but choosing the right calibration provider for your specific needs is tough. Do you take your calibration to the manufacturer? Do it internally? Or use a third-party lab for your test equipment calibration? Those are all viable options, but the answer depends upon many different factors. Continue reading

Test Equipment Calibration

A manufacturer’s production and development process relies heavily on test equipment. test equipment calibrationTest equipment is so important because these tools ensure the quality of a product, and they can determine the effectiveness of the production and development processes. It makes sense that keeping this equipment properly calibrated is needed to maintain the credibility of your business. This is why there are regulations and standards surrounding the calibration of test equipment.

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