Downtime Involved in Aircraft Jack Proof Load Testing

airplane jack Whether you’re talking about an axle jack or a tripod jack, hydualic aircraft jack proof load testing leaves you without an important part of your aircraft maintenance tool kit until service has been completed. How long will you be down a jack? That depends on whether you’re shipping the jack out for testing or having on-site proof load testing provided.

Shipping your jacks and having them tested and repaired can leave your facility without one of your most vital maintenance tools for months. Consider this:
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Axle and Tripod Jack Proof Load Testing: Time and Labor Considerations

Your airplane jack was designed to withstand certain amounts of force, but there are many reasons this may no longer be the case. To ensure proper function, airplane jack load testing is a must; but it’s not cheap. Shipping fees alone can be costly and that’s not even taking into consideration the “sweat equity” that goes into prepping the jack for shipping and putting it back into use upon its return. That is why, rather than going through the time and expense of shipping a jack out, many facilities opt for on-site proof load testing instead.
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Aircraft Jack Shipping Costs for Proof Load Testing Services

As mentioned in our previous article about the pros and cons of on-site vs. off-site proof load testing services, shipping a hydraulic aircraft jack can be very expensive. The cost of shipping will vary depending on factors such as distance, jack type, and shipping service provider.  In our experience, many companies wind up expediting shipping to reduce down time which can further add to the price.  Keeping the variables in mind, let’s consider the cost of shipping an axle jack from your facility to the manufacturer or third party testing facility. Continue reading

Recommended Hydrualic Aircraft Jack Proof Load Testing & Maintenance Schedule

As mentioned in previous hydrualic aircraft jack maintenance articles, manufacturers recommend 90 day maintenance and testing be done on your jack(s) once every 12 months. Testing may also be advised outside of the regular schedule if an event takes places that could potentially damage the jack. For example, being dropped or having something dropped on the jack that may cause damage to the structure or the hydraulic system. Below is an example of maintenance and aircraft jack proof load testing guidelines recommend by most hydrualic aircraft jack  manufacturers.

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Guide to Hydraulic Jack Load Testing for Aircraft Maintenance Facilities Now Available

cleveland calibration services(CHARDON, OHIO) September 23, 2015 – e2b calibration, an ISO/IEC 17205 accredited calibration and repair laboratory in Northeast Ohio, today announced the availability of their newly published white paper titled, “Aircraft Maintenance Guide to Hydraulic Jack Proof Load Testing and Maintenance Best Practices.”
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The Importance of Aircraft Jack Proof Load Testing

proof load testingDoes your axle or tripod jack withstand the amount of force it was designed to withstand? It’s no question it was engineered that way, but there’s no guarantee that it still does what is was designed to do after it leaves the manufacturer.  Despite this uncertainty and the critical role hydraulic jacks play in an aircraft maintenance facility, a large majority of aircraft maintenance professionals are unaware that the jack manufacturers recommend regular maintenance and annual proof load testing to ensure optimal performance and safety.
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On-site Proof Load Testing Services for Hydraulic Aircraft Jacks Now Available from e2b calibration

cleveland calibration services(CHARDON, OHIO) September 8, 2015 –e2b calibration, an ISO/IEC 17205 accredited calibration and repair laboratory in Cleveland, Ohio, today announced the availability of on-site proof load testing for hydraulic aircraft jacks.

The company recently made an investment to develop a proprietary mobile proof load testing fixture, which allows e2b calibration to provide on-site load testing for single-stage and multi-stage tripod jacks with a capacity up to 75,000 pounds. e2b calibration also has the tools and capabilities to provide on-site load testing for axle jacks. Services are available immediately to customers throughout the United States.
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