Pressure Transducer Calibration Services

The need to control and measure pressure exists in thousands of applications all over the world; pressure transducers (aka pressure sensors) exist alongside that need to ensure pressure is being accurately measured and applied. Pressure is a tricky and when you’re working with a potentially dangerous substance, gas for example, it is important to know exactly how much pressure is being applied at any given time with the ability to adjust it. For this reason pressure transducer calibration must be performed on pressure, level, and flow instruments to make sure operations continue to run not only efficiently, but safely. Continue reading

e2b Calibration Increases Pressure & Vacuum Calibration Capabilities

Chardon, Ohio, June 20, 2014- Today, e2b calibration, an ISO/IEC17025 accredited calibration and repair laboratory located in Northeast Ohio, announced the company has again expanded its capabilities for pressure and vacuum calibration through the addition of new capital equipment and technicians. Continue reading

New Systems Allow for Streamlined Flow Meter, Vacuum, and Pressure Calibration

Chardon, Ohio, November 28, 2013- Today, e2b calibration, an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration and repair laboratory located in Northeast Ohio, announced the development and implementation of several new internal software systems. The purpose of these new systems is to automate some of the calibration processes to increase throughput for the growing lab, further improve service quality, and provide faster turnarounds for customers seeking calibration of flow, vacuum, and pressure measurement instruments. Continue reading

Fluke Differential Pressure Module Calibration |700P00 |700P02 |700P03 |700P04

Fluke Differential Pressure Module Calibration Since 1948 Fluke has been a world leader in electronic test tools including tools for the measurement of pressure, one of the more tricky elements to measure. Fluke has designed leading solutions including Differential Pressure Modules 700P00, 700P02, 700P03, and 700P04. These modules are used to measure the differences in pressure between two points and in order to do that successfully, Differential Pressure Module Calibration is a necessity. Continue reading

7 Reasons to Choose e2b calibration for Fluke Dual Pressure Module Calibration

Fluke Dual Pressure Module CalibrationExtremely important and commonly measured in many applications, pressure is one of the more complex measurements out there; but Fluke offers some of the best engineered solutions to help you get the most accurate measurements possible. The Fluke Dual pressure module line includes Fluke 700PD2, Fluke 700PD3, Fluke 700PD4, Fluke 700PD5, Fluke 700PD6, and Fluke 700PD7. Although they are some of the best on the market, even the best need constant care as these solutions will only work properly if they are well taken care of, Fluke dual pressure module calibration is a must; more importantly is making sure those calibrations are done correctly and comply with industry and mandated standards.
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