Digital and Analog Multi Meter Calibration and Repair

Multi Meter CalibrationNo matter what type of multi meter you use or how you use it, multi meter calibration is crucial to extending the life of your meter and ensuring performance; two important factors considering meters can range anywhere from $10-$5,000 or more depending on the meter(s) your organization requires and the accuracy you hope to achieve in your measurements.
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Fluke Multi Meter Calibration: Fluke Analog/Digital Multi Meter

fluke multi meter calibrationThe fluke analog/digital multi meter combines the capabilities of the analog and digital meters into one durable, rugged, and reliable solution. Compared to other multi meters, this model has a case 2 times as thick and is completely sealed and waterproof for one hour at depths up to 1 meter. With the proper care and fluke multi meter calibration, these tough solutions were built to withstand chemicals, drops, electrical overloads, contaminants, heat, cold, humidity, vibration, and other environmental obstacles Continue reading