Axle and Tripod Jack Proof Load Testing: Time and Labor Considerations

Your airplane jack was designed to withstand certain amounts of force, but there are many reasons this may no longer be the case. To ensure proper function, airplane jack load testing is a must; but it’s not cheap. Shipping fees alone can be costly and that’s not even taking into consideration the “sweat equity” that goes into prepping the jack for shipping and putting it back into use upon its return. That is why, rather than going through the time and expense of shipping a jack out, many facilities opt for on-site proof load testing instead.
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The Causes of Hydraulic Aircraft Jack Failure

There is no way to tell if your hydraulic aircraft jack can withstand the force it was built to withstand until it’s too late. This can create a lot of problems when you think about it. For example, what if you lift a plane up on the jack and as you’re working on it, the jack leaks. Now it may not have the power you need to get the plane back on the ground safely.

There are many factors that can impact the performance of your hydraulic aircraft jack, but the most common issues have to do with leaks in the hydraulic system.
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Guide to Hydraulic Jack Load Testing for Aircraft Maintenance Facilities Now Available

cleveland calibration services(CHARDON, OHIO) September 23, 2015 – e2b calibration, an ISO/IEC 17205 accredited calibration and repair laboratory in Northeast Ohio, today announced the availability of their newly published white paper titled, “Aircraft Maintenance Guide to Hydraulic Jack Proof Load Testing and Maintenance Best Practices.”
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