Aircraft Jack Shipping Costs for Proof Load Testing Services

As mentioned in our previous article about the pros and cons of on-site vs. off-site proof load testing services, shipping a hydraulic aircraft jack can be very expensive. The cost of shipping will vary depending on factors such as distance, jack type, and shipping service provider.  In our experience, many companies wind up expediting shipping to reduce down time which can further add to the price.  Keeping the variables in mind, let’s consider the cost of shipping an axle jack from your facility to the manufacturer or third party testing facility. Continue reading

The Causes of Hydraulic Aircraft Jack Failure

There is no way to tell if your hydraulic aircraft jack can withstand the force it was built to withstand until it’s too late. This can create a lot of problems when you think about it. For example, what if you lift a plane up on the jack and as you’re working on it, the jack leaks. Now it may not have the power you need to get the plane back on the ground safely.

There are many factors that can impact the performance of your hydraulic aircraft jack, but the most common issues have to do with leaks in the hydraulic system.
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