Flow Meter Maintenance Guidelines

If you’re looking to get accurate readings out of your flow meter, the first place to start is in flow meter maintenance. Your flow meter will only perform as well as you treat it, and inaccurate readings can start when a flow meter isn’t properly taken care of. Between installation, usage and calibration, there are a lot of areas to look after when it comes to proper flow meter maintenance.
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4 Critical Questions to Ask Before Flow Meter Selection

With so many different types of meters, picking out the right flow meter can be a bit overwhelming; afterall, your choice of meter can impact important areas of your business such as revenue, workplace safety, customer satisfaction, and more. Depending on your application, your industry, and requirements, there are hundreds or ways to get started, so which path do you choose? The answers to the questions below will help you narrow down the many choices you have at the beginning of your flow meter selection process to get you on your way to choosing the right tool for the job.  Continue reading

Air flow meter calibration

air flow meter calibrationAir flow meters serve to measure how much air is flowing through a tube at a given time
however, the meter does not measure volume of the air but the speed of the air as it moves through the device. Over time these meters can wear out or even fail which will significantly decrease the performance of the application in which they are found, often times they are found in engines. The possibility of failure and the inevitable wearing of the meter is why it is important to have regular maintenance such as air flow meter calibration. Continue reading

Flexim flow meter calibration services

Flexim flow meter calibration servicesFlexim began in 1990. Did you know that this world renowned company started in the living room of a rented apartment in Berlin? From small roots Flexim has grown into a global player; a manufacturer of measurement instrumentation used around the world in numerous applications. Flexim provides measurement instruments for use in many industries including oil & gas, chemical, thermal energy metering, water, and power. Flexim offers a variety of high performance flow meters for liquids and gasses; many times operating in harsh environments which makes it necessary to regularly seek Flexim flow meter calibration services. Continue reading

Turbine Flow Meter : Turbine flow meter calibration

Turbine flow meter 

A turbine flow meter (or axial turbine) measures the mechanical action of the blades in the liquid flow and translates it into a user-readable rate (gpm, lpm, etc.).  the blades turn at a rate proportional to the rate of the flow; this is measured by an electrical element which generates a pulse. The number of pulses over a given period of time are then measured and represent the volume of flow.

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Flow Meter Selection Guide Part III: Flow Profiles and Reynolds Numbers

When it comes to flow meter selection, it is imperative to remember that every liquid of gas will behave differently when flowing through the pipeline due to its level of viscosity (level of resistance of flow) and each application will have different conditions that will effect flow.

flow meter selection

Because of this, no single flow meter will suite all jobs and conditions.So, how are you supposed to figure out which flow meter is best for your application?

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Brooks Flow Meter Calibration

brooks flow meter calibration

Since 1946 Brooks Instrument has been the answer for customer for all of their flow, pressure, vacuum, and level questions. From companies in the biopharmaceuticals, oil & gas, medical devices, solar cells, aerospace, and more. Brooks flow meters and other flow products are amon the best available & habitually rank among the top of their categories for accuracy, reliability, and user preference- making them a trusted provider for companies all over the world.

All over the world there are highly skilled calibration service specialists who provide the highest level of technical expertise to ensure that your brooks flow meter calibration is always done with the utmost care. These specialists  have been trained to help make sure that your Brooks flow meters  and other Brooks instruments are always accurate.

It is important to be sure you take your Brooks flow meter calibration needs to an accredited calibration lab such as e2b calibration for all of your brooks calibration needs. e2b calibration offers a wide variety of calibration services in Cleveland ohio and can handle NIST traceable calibration for all of your Brooks  flow meters and other instruments.