e2b calibration Expands Scope to Include High Vacuum Calibration for Pharmaceutical, Chemical, and Medical Device Manufacturers

Chardon, OH, June 18, 2013 –Today, e2b calibration, an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited high vacuum calibrationcalibration and repair laboratory located in Northeast Ohio, announced the company’s expanded ACLASS accreditation scope to include high vacuum calibration allowing the company to better serve customers. The Company also reported record revenue and the addition of a new calibration technician. Continue reading

Brooks mass flow controller calibration

brooks mass flow controller calibrationBrooks mass flow controller calibration: Brooks mass flow controllers are a proven solution for the measurement and control of gas and liquid flow. Brooks has over 60 years of experience in mass flow, making their mass flow controllers among the best available. Mass flow controllers are used to measure and control the flow of fluids and gasses alike, it is important to keep a close eye on your Brooks mass flow controller calibration. This is important because mass flow meters are used in a variety of extremely important applications such as biopharmaceuticals, oil and gas, fuel cell, solar cell, chemicals, medical devices, analytical instrumentation, and more. Continue reading

Avionics Tool Calibration : tips to keep tools in spec & other considerations

The importance of having proper Avionics Tool Calibration is huge, other than general aircraft performance, calibration impacts component life, customer satisfaction,  and the Avionics Tool Calibrationsafety of aircraft operators. There are a few things technicians and mechanics can do to help make sure their instruments  stay in spec for as long as possible. Some of these practices include: Continue reading

micro motion coriolis flow meter calibration

micro motion coriolis flow meter calibration: Micro Motion, a brand of Emerson Process Management, has  been a leading provider offlow and density measurement devices for over 30 years. Leading Micro Motion Coriolis flow meters are known for reliability, repeatability, and overall high levels of performance measurement in many applications. Globally there exist over 750,000 installations.micro motion coriolis flow meter calibration Continue reading

Choosing The Right Calibration Service Provider Can Help You Reduce Production Delays

Sending equipment out for calibration, as necessary as it is, can slow down your Choosing The Right Calibration Service Provider Can Help You Reduce Production Delays.production, and in some cases even stop certain processes all together. To keep your equipment up to standards and keep operations running smoothly at the same time, here are a few tips as you choose your calibration service provider. Continue reading

ISO/IEC 17025 vs. ISO 9001

ISO/IEC 17025 vs. ISO 9001

Below are a handful of the major differences between these two accreditations certifications:

ISO 9001

  • This is a general and overall standard certification for the quality management system in an organization.
  • The process for this does not involved intense evaluation of technical competencies.
  •  Fulfills the management requirements only—leaving technical requirements left to be dealt with before completion of the ISO 17205 accreditation.
  • An audit for ISO 9001 does not include a peer review of technical aspects.
  • Auditors are not required to be technical specialists-. Their focus is on quality management systems, not technical ability and competency.


ISO 17025

  •  Criteria used specifically examines technical competence
  • This is the appropriate accreditation commercial testing and calibration laboratories is to ISO 17025
  • Includes additional requirements (compared to ISO 9001) such as:
    • proficiency testing
    •  adherence to documented, accurate guidelines
    •  specification of technical competence, (especially for senior laboratory personnel)
  • Auditors/assessors are always technical specialists


To ensure the consistency and accuracy of your calibration needs, it is best to use a ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory.


NIST releases hardness reference standards that measure up internationally

According to an article from Quality Digest, the United States has joined in on international standards for hardness testing. Why the change?NIST releases hardness reference standards that measure up internationally

Historically the Unites States did not recognize international standards and was known for producing lower hardness test numbers (50-70HRC). The United States has been using the same methods for hardness standards for decades, even though our test numbers differed, they were understood nationally and internationally. Calibration Lab  users and customers in and outside of the U.S. were able to deal with the differences without much of a problem. So why are there new NIST hardness test blocks? Continue reading

Why use asset tracking and management software? Part II : Three more reasons

In Part 1 of this article, “Should you be using asset tracking and management software? “ Why use asset tracking and management software?  Part II : Three more reasonswe discussed the importance of asset tracking and management software and a few reasons why you should invest in Asset tracking and management systems to help with compliance, regulatory, safety, productivity, and other important factors in your business. In part II we will discuss a few more reasons for using asset tracking and management software in your organization: Continue reading

Should you be using asset tracking and management software? Part I of II

Should you be using asset tracking and management software?  Part I of II

Every business has valuable assets-but do you know where your physical assets are? Where they have been? Who used them? Misuse or loss of assets can result in huge costs for your company.  Making sure you know everything about your assets will help you avoid compliance issues, regulatory fines, law suites, expenditures for asset replacement, and much more. In this two part article, we will discuss the need for asset tracking and management software, how they can increase productivity, cut down on risk for legal problems, bad PR, and have a great return on investment for your company.  Continue reading

The Kilogram Has Changed- What that means for calibration and how to fix it

A quick history of the kilogram: When the kilogram was originally adopted as an international standard in 1875, a cylindrical chunk of metal was created – the international prototype kilogram (IPK) wich came to be the standard definition of 1 kilogram. In the late 1800’s IPK’s were distributed to  40 different countries to be used as the standard measurement.

The masses are stored in suchThe Kilogram Has Changed- What that means for calibration and how to fix it a way to help avoid any change in temperature or pressure they may result in the acquisition of dust or debris- but it is impossible to keep them completely isolated from pollution which has resulted in a problem: Continue reading

Alicat Calibration

Alicat calibration is necessary if you want to make sure your Alicat instruments are alicat calibrationworking properly. Alicat flow meters are among the top performing flow instruments in the world. As a manufacturer, Alicat Scientific makes flow meters, mass flow controllers, and pressure controllers better than most. Since 1991, Alicat Scientific has produced flow and mass flow meters, used and trusted by industry professionals all over the world. Continue reading

Test Equipment Calibration

A manufacturer’s production and development process relies heavily on test equipment. test equipment calibrationTest equipment is so important because these tools ensure the quality of a product, and they can determine the effectiveness of the production and development processes. It makes sense that keeping this equipment properly calibrated is needed to maintain the credibility of your business. This is why there are regulations and standards surrounding the calibration of test equipment.

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ISO Certified Calibration

ISO Certified CalibrationWhen it comes to choosing a calibration service, it is important to choose a lab that is ISO17025 accredited. Yet, be aware that “compliant” is not the same thing as “accredited.” Some labs claim to be ISO 17025 “compliant,” however anyone can be “compliant.” “Accreditation,” on the other hand, relies on the expertise of a professional auditor.

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Problems with In-House Calibration

For companies that require calibration of their tools and equipment, they have two main delivery methods to choose from. These methods are “in-house calibration” and “externalproblems with in house calibration calibration”. In-house calibration is when the company needing calibration performs the services itself, and external calibration is where these services are outsourced to an outside calibration laboratory; preferably a lab that is reputable and accredited.

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Equipment Longevity

If necessity is the mother of invention, than calibration is the mother of sustaining equipment longevityinventions. It’s been a liberal cliché that ‘nothing lasts forever,’ and that has never rang more true than with the tools and equipment we use daily in our jobs and work. Although these tools and equipment will eventually meet their end, calibrating your equipment regularly can extend their life and use. Continue reading