Mechanical Force Gauge V. Digital Force Gauge

Mechanical Force Gauge Model X-C

A force gauge’s job is to measure the force of push or pull exerted between two load points. The difference between a digital force gauge and a mechanical force gauge is all about preference. The one main and noticeable difference is something that is pretty obvious in the names. One is your old school version with a static face and needles indicating what has been measured on the mechanical force gauge, whereas your digital force gauge gives an easy-to-read digital number and face. Below is a further breakdown of each instrument.


The Mechanical Force Gauge

Mechanical Force Gauge Model X-ST

There are a couple different models of the mechanical force gauge, which all have the capacity to do different things.

The X-C mechanical force gauge model has an accuracy of 1 percent and comes in nine different capacities ranging from 50 pounds to 25,000 pounds. It is equipped with a hardened ball that rotates when load is applied to maintain vertical alignment.

The X-ST mechanical force gauge has seven capacities from 100 pounds to 10,000 pounds and also has a 1 percent accuracy. The X-ST model is equipped with two rod-end connectors, shackles and pins.

Mechanical Force Gauge Model X-PP

Finally, the X-PP mechanical force gauge has a 2 percent accuracy maximum dial read and is available in four capacities ranging from 50 pounds to 2,500 pounds. The X-PP model has a set of self-aligning spherical rod-end connectors or two shackle adaptors.



Digital Force Gauge

The Digital Force Gauge
The digital force gauge has a more precise accuracy than the mechanical force gauge, 0.4%, for those in an industry where accuracy is the most important key. The digital force gauge has a digital read out and backlight display. It is available in five different capacities and is equipped with six different fittings.

Dillon Force Measurement Equipment offers all 4 of these mechanical force gauge and digital force gauge models. Each serves a different purpose, whether for industry or personal preference. Call 440-352-4700 or email for a quote.

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