Healthcare, Lab, and Medical Equipment Calibration Services

Medical Equipment Calibration When it comes to the Medical industry, only the most precise measurements and equipment will do; not only to keep people safe, but to ensure your facility measures up to exacting industry standards. FDA regulations mandate that medical device manufacturers, medical labs, pharmaceutical manufactures, and other companies in the medical field meet up to stringent specifications to safegaurd the public against potentially fatal measurment mistakes. A laboratory and medical equipment calibration schedule and program plays an important role in any organization to ensure accuracy and precision across all of their devices.

Why choose e2b calibration for your medical equipment calibration services?

At e2b calibration our technicians understand the importance of accuracy in your industry. They know that it can make the difference between the correct diagnosis and misdiagnosis, safe levels of medication dispensed and fatal ones, and many other factors that impact the lives of patients and the success of an organization.

Our lab can help you meet the demands of regulatory bodies including traceability and validation and we are certified to calibrate and repair a variety of medical, healthcare, and lab equipment with services including:

  • Pipette calibration
  • Flow meter calibration
  • Pressure ( gauges and transducers) calibration
  • Temperature calibration
  • Humidity calibration
  • Vacuum calibration
  • ¬†Electronic calibration
  • Physical-dimensional calibration
  • ¬†And others.

Furthermore, e2b calibration is ISO-17025: 2005 Registered with ACLASS and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 Certified with a NIST Traceable Wide scope of ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation. all of our calibration customers are given the option to utilize our cloud-based asset management system, Anytime Assets at no additional charge. With this system you will have access to your equipment information 24/7 from anywhere you have internet access. Learn more about Anytime Assets here.

e2b calibration is located in Northeast Ohio just outside of Cleveland; we offer pick-up and delivery services in most areas and our technicians are available for on-site services by request.

 Medical Equipment Calibration

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