Buying a Force Control Switch

What is a Force Control Switch?

A force control switch works by providing switch outputs which change state by opening or closing at specific forces. The device can be set at load points specified by the customer and enacted by the manufacturer. Force Control Switches are used in a variety of operations, from the entertainment industry to elevators and cranes or more. Commonly they are used to protect against overloading or under loading, force attainment or batching.

There are two versions of a force control switch, a DynaSwitch which is placed at the dead end of the line, or a Craneguard which clamps onto the line where it is not possible to mount a DynaSwitch. The DynaSwitch force control switch is best used as a system to warn when there is an impending overload. The DynaSwitch can either shut off power in that scenario, or operate warning lights and buzzers. The Craneguard force control switch clamps onto cables for overload protection for wire rope hoists, elevators or cranes. The switch automatically enables when a pre-set load limit is exceeded.

Switch Options
Low Differential Travel Switch: This switch is best used in a controlled environment and can be operated in temperatures below 65 degrees and above 180 degrees. This switch can be used with the DynaSwitch force control switch.

Weatherproof Low Different Travel Switch: This switch has a neoprene gasket around the housing halves for a tight seal, as well as an elastomer seal boot around the actuator. This gives the switch a long lasting life through even the toughest condition. The switch can be used in -25 degrees to 160 degrees with the DynaSwitch force control switch or the Craneguard force control switch.

Explosion Proof Switch: This switch is built to withstand hazardous conditions. The switch works by cooling down exploding gases below kindling temperature within flame paths before they reach the explosive gases surrounding the housing. It can be used with both the Craneguard or DynaSwitch force control switch in -40 degrees to 160 degrees.

Dillon Force Measurement Equipment offers force control switches with all of these characteristics, which is what is necessary in a workable and safe piece of equipment.  To get a quote on Dillon Force Control Switches, call (440) 352-4700 or email