Fluke Pressure Transducer Calibration Services

Fluke pressure transducers are some of the best in the market. They can be found in a number of industries and in countless applications. Fluke pressure transducer calibration is a must for any user. Why? Because pressure measurement is an extremely important part of so many things, from every day activities like pumping gas, to more advanced applications like dealing with chemicals and rockets. None of those things are going to be safe if pressure is not being correctly measured. This is why calibration of your pressure transducers is so important.

Pressure transducers are classified in terms of pressure ranges they measure, temperature ranges of operation, and the type of pressure they measure.  Some of the different pressure transducer categories are:

  • Absolute pressure
  • Gauge pressure
  • Vacuum pressure
  • Differential pressure

Fluke pressure transducer calibration is important to many industries that use them for pressure sensing, altitude sensing, flow sensing, level/depth sensing, leak testing, and many others. These applications, as mentioned above, can be extremely harsh and potential dangerous which is why regular calibration and repair is a must.

You want your Fluke pressure transducer to be completely quickly, cot effectively, and accurately, but sometimes working with Fluke directly can be an expensive and long process- potentially resulting in extended downtime for you. In many cases working with an independent calibration lab is faster, more cost effective, and can be done just as well. For example, e2b calibration utilizes the same fluke software, fluke calibrators, and fluke interface modules as Fluke does in their calibration lab. Additionally we use automated calibration systems to help drive down cost and speed up out turnaround time

e2b calibration is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration and repair laboratory (traceable to NIST) for most popular calibration, test, and measurement instruments including Fluke pressure transducer calibration.

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