Fluke Multi Meter Calibration: Fluke Analog/Digital Multi Meter

fluke multi meter calibrationThe fluke analog/digital multi meter combines the capabilities of the analog and digital meters into one durable, rugged, and reliable solution. Compared to other multi meters, this model has a case 2 times as thick and is completely sealed and waterproof for one hour at depths up to 1 meter. With the proper care and fluke multi meter calibration, these tough solutions were built to withstand chemicals, drops, electrical overloads, contaminants, heat, cold, humidity, vibration, and other environmental obstacles

By properly taking care of your meter and ensuring fluke multi meter calibration is performed regularly, these meter provide impressive benefits with features including:

  • Rugged safety features
  • Digital Display/Counts 3200
  • Analog Bar Graph/Segments 31
  • Fast Continuity Beeper
  • Auto and Manual Ranging
  • Rugged, O-Ring Sealed Case
  • Built-in Tilt-Bail Hanger
  • And much more

Like all test equipment, these too will eventual drift out of calibration over time. To ensure accuracy and extend the life of your meter, fluke multi meter calibration services should be performed at regular intervals. The frequency of calibration will depend on the environment in which the meter is being used, how often it is used, and other factors, but a good rule of thumb is to have all of your equipment, including fluke multi meter calibration, taken care of annually.

Fluke corporation can provide you with calibration services, but it is important to note that by working directly with the manufacturer, it is likely your turnaround time will be slower and the project more expensive than if you were to use an outside calibration provider. e2b calibration is an ISO 17205 accredited calibration lab with NIST traceability that can provide you with fast turnaround times at competitive prices. Learn more at e2bcal.com

 fluke multi meter calibration

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