7 Reasons to Choose e2b calibration for Fluke Dual Pressure Module Calibration

Fluke Dual Pressure Module CalibrationExtremely important and commonly measured in many applications, pressure is one of the more complex measurements out there; but Fluke offers some of the best engineered solutions to help you get the most accurate measurements possible. The Fluke Dual pressure module line includes Fluke 700PD2, Fluke 700PD3, Fluke 700PD4, Fluke 700PD5, Fluke 700PD6, and Fluke 700PD7. Although they are some of the best on the market, even the best need constant care as these solutions will only work properly if they are well taken care of, Fluke dual pressure module calibration is a must; more importantly is making sure those calibrations are done correctly and comply with industry and mandated standards.

Fluke offers six different fluke dual pressure modules including the following:
• Fluke 700PD2 Dual Pressure Module ±1 psi (±6900 Pa)
• Fluke 700PD3 Dual Pressure Module ±5 psi (±34 kPa)
• Fluke 700PD4 Dual Pressure Module ±15 psi (±103 kPa)
• Fluke 700PD5 Dual Pressure Module –15 to 30 psi (–100 to 207 kPa)
• Fluke 700PD6 Dual Pressure Module –15 to 100 psi (–100 to 690 kPa)
• Fluke 700PD7 Dual Pressure Module –15 to 200 psi (–100 to 1380 kPa)

In short pressure calibration is taking the output of a device and comparing it to another device that has a standard pressure measurement with the end goal of having those outputs be the same so you can be certain your Dual pressure measurement tools are within compliance.

7 reasons to choose e2b calibration for your Fluke Dual Pressure Module Calibration Needs

  1.  We can provide you with Calibration services that rival those of the manufacturers themselves.
  2. We utilize the same fluke software, fluke calibrators, and fluke interface modules as Fluke
  3.  We use automated calibration systems to help drive down cost and speed up out turnaround time
  4.  We are an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration and repair laboratory (traceable to NIST) for most popular calibration, test, and measurement instruments including Fluke Dual Pressure Module Calibration.
  5.  In house calibration can be timely and cost you more in the long run than using a calibration lab
  6.  We are experts at calibration, while you may be able to successfully calibrate your instrument, we can ensure it is done correctly.
  7.  In house calibration does not meet NIST standards.

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