Flexim flow meter calibration services

Flexim flow meter calibration servicesFlexim began in 1990. Did you know that this world renowned company started in the living room of a rented apartment in Berlin? From small roots Flexim has grown into a global player; a manufacturer of measurement instrumentation used around the world in numerous applications. Flexim provides measurement instruments for use in many industries including oil & gas, chemical, thermal energy metering, water, and power. Flexim offers a variety of high performance flow meters for liquids and gasses; many times operating in harsh environments which makes it necessary to regularly seek Flexim flow meter calibration services.

Flexim flow meter offerings include:

Flowmeters for Liquids
• FLUXUS® ADM 7407 – The Flow Meter for permanent installation
• FLUXUS® ADM 7407.316SE Stainless Steel housed flow meter – FM Class I, Div. 2 approved
• FLUXUS® ADM 7907 – The Rack Flow Meter for liquids
• FLUXUS® ADM 8027 – An Expert for Hazardous Areas
• FLUXUS® ADM 8127 – The Offshore Flow Meter for liquids
• FLUXUS® F601 – The Portable Multi-Functional Flowmeter
• FLUXUS® F608 – Portable Flow Measurement in Hazardous Areas
• FLUXUS® F808 – Flow meter for hazardous areas – FM Class I, Div. 1 approved
• The economic Water Flowmeter FLUXUS ADM 5107
Flowmeters for Gases
• FLUXUS® G704 – The stationary Gas Flow Meter
• FLUXUS® G800 – The Ex-pert Gas Flow Meter
• FLUXUS® G601 – The Portable Gas Flow Meter
• FLUXUS® G601 CA Energy – For the ideal Compressed Air and BTU flow metering
• FLUXUS® G608 – The portable Flow Meter for Gases in hazardous areas
• FLUXUS® G704.316SE Stainless Steel housed gas flow meter
• FLUXUS® G709 – the Rack Gas Flow Meter
• FLUXUS® G801 – The Offshore Gas Flow Meter

For more information on flexim flow meters and other proiducts visit the Flexim Website www.flexim.com

Flexim flow meter calibration services:

e2b calibration offers a full range of mass flow meter calibration and repair services for all popular mass flow meter models. We provide mass flow meter calibration and repair for Brooks flow meters, Sierra Instruments, Alicat flow meters, Great Plains flow meters, and other leading flow meter brands including Flexim flowmeter calibration. When it comes to liquid and gas flow meter measurement, our flow meter calibration services assure our customers with affordable and reliable flow meter calibration services.

What sets our flow meter calibration services apart?
• ISO-17025: 2005 Registered with ACLASS
• ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 Certified
• NIST Traceable Wide scope of ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation
• Unmatched quality systems
• Extensive capabilities across all categories of instruments
• On-site service capability

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