Dynamometers: What to Look for Before Purchasing

For the safety of the worker and the people around them, choosing the right dynamometer is crucial. There is no room for a sub-par dynamometer that may or may not fail to do its job correctly. The dynamometer you choose needs to hold up in all circumstances. So, how do you know it will withstand all of the circumstances you will put it through? Below we’ve created a checklist of specifications that you cannot do without to help make the search easier.

  1. Strength
    The dynamometer should have superior strength and be resistant to corrosion. The material that the dynamometer is made of should be an aircraft quality alloy steel or aluminum that with stand up in all conditions and if dropped.
  2. Accuracy
    The accuracy of the dynamometer you choose is key. It needs to be able to pull readings in an accuracy of .1%. Further, it should be able to get accurate repeat readings, in order for proper weighing.
  3. Safety
    A dynamometer should have a safety factor of 5:1 minimum. When you are weighing at such high capacities, safety is key. The 5:1 safety factor shows that the dynamometer can endure a long life.
  4. Versatility
    The dynamometer should be versatile enough to be used in the field or in the factory. The dynamometer shouldn’t carry any extra weight and be a mobile instrument to use anywhere, otherwise you’ll be spending more money for two different instruments that do the same job.

A dynamometer needs to be strong and durable to withstand the heavy weights and tests. In order to protect those operating the dynamometer and those around them, it should also have an excellent safety factor. Finally, the dynamometer needs to be versatile so that you are only using on instrument to do the job of two.

Dillon Force Measurement Equipment Dynamometers have been around since 1937 and have continued to improve their products as technology increases, setting the bar for the rest of the industry. There are two Dillon dynamometers to choose from; the EDXtreme Dynamometer or the EDjunior Dynamometer. The EDXtreme has greater accuracy and more resiliency, while the EDjunior is a more affordable option while still retaining proper accuracy for the job.

For a quote on Dillon dynamometers, email sales@e2bcal.com or call (440) 352-4700.

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