Digital Multimeter Calibration In House vs. Outsourced

A common choice to measure electrical values is the digital multimeter. However, the digital multimeter can face quality issues based on environmental factors, time and simply from the use of the instrument. The best way to combat these issues that will, no doubt, periodically arise is through digital multimeter calibration.

Digital multimeter calibration ensures that the instrument is performing properly, and if it is not, improve the multimeters performance to meet its required specifications. Further, a multimeter can be calibrated to meet the specifications of the organization that is using it. So where do you start with digital multimeter calibration?

In-House Digital Multimeter Calibration

It is possible to calibrate a digital multimeter on your own. The first step would be to purchase an instrument to calibrate your digital multimeter against. The calibrator should have specifications four time better than the digital multimeter you want to calibrate. Further, the calibrator should cover all the functions that the digital multimeter you’re testing covers. There are instructions and guides online and published by manufacturers that can teach you to DIY your digital multimeter calibration.

But what if you have multiple digital multimeters that need testing with different specifications or functions? Further, what if the specifications your instruments need to perform under are highly regulated? In this case, you should consider a calibration lab.

Calibration Labs

A digital multimeter calibration lab has professional technicians that understand the specifications that a digital multimeter is performing under. If you have multiple digital multimeter, or other instruments, that all need calibrated, a calibration lab can perform the calibrations in minimal time so your work does not have to stop. For industries that are highly regulated, an ISO 17025 and NIST traceable lab can guarantee that every digital multimeter and all other instruments are calibrated at the exact specifications needed.

Calibration Certifications

Especially in highly regulated industries, it is important to have record and certification of every digital multimeter calibration. Without these, you may miss a much needed calibration and all of your specs from then out will be useless. Certifications include:

  • General Info about the Calibration
  • How it was Calibrated
  • When it was Calibrated
  • Results of the Calibration
  • Measurement Uncertainty

You can record this important information on your own, but if the information were to get lost you would be losing vital data that could cost more money in the long run. A digital multimeter calibration lab will usually record and keep this data for you.

Digital multimeter calibration is one of the only ways to ensure that your instrument is working properly and accurately. Although it is possible to conduct these calibrations on your own, it will likely cost you more money and wasted time. A digital multimeter calibration lab is a guaranteed quick fix to any instrument that has been thrown out of calibration.

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