Cut the Cost of Instrument Calibration with Asset Management Software

instrument calibrationHow much are you spending on instrument calibration? While ensuring all of your instruments, tools, and machines are functioning as they should, and calibration is a critical preventative maintenance process, it’s not cheap! One of the best ways to control the cost of calibration is to ensure you are not over-maintaining your equipment, which can be like throwing away money if you’re equipment is not in need of calibration, or paying to maintain equipment you rarely use. Asset management software can help by giving you the information you need to answer critical questions.

For example, when was the last time you had calibration on an instrument done? How far out of spec was it? When it is up for calibration next? Asset management software can help you simplify the process of managing and controlling calibrated equipment to ensure it is always operating at its best while also keeping your budget in mind and keeping down time to a minimum.

Additionally, asset management software will help you know where all of your tools and assets are at any given time, track which tools are available and which are out for calibration, run a lean preventative maintenance schedule, save down time on unnecessary repairs and maintenance, and reduce the amount of paper used throughout your organization.

Here are some more statistics to help you realize the need for and the benefits of asset management software:

  • 30% of all organizations don’t know what they own, where their assets are located or who is using them
  • 79% of employees will steal from their employers at least once
  • According to a research study, one company saved $100,000 in maintenance fees by dropping items they weren’t using!
  • In a 2013 survey, nearly 50% of CFO’s reported having to write down the value of a assets because they could not find them! Further, 80% said if they were better able to manage fixed assets they’d see increased cash flow and earnings, audits would be faster and more accurate, and they could eliminate these unnecessary write-offs.

Anytime Assets is a cloud asset tracking software solution that allows you to track any asset, manage equipment, tools, gauges, people, IT assets, office equipment, vehicles, jigs, dies, molds, and other assets online.  Manage asset images and attachments to quickly identify assets and related documents like manuals, service contracts, warranties, and more. Track asset movement from location to location or use as a tool crib with check-in and check-out capabilities. It is a fully customizable database available anytime, anywhere. Contact us for more information

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