Choosing the Right Cable Tension Meter

Most people don’t realize how often we come in contact with heavy cable wires. They are a part of the phones we use every day, they help us get to work on our daily commutes on the metro systems or commuting via aircraft, they are used in the elevators that take us up to our office and they are a part of our entertainment on ski trips and zip lines. Since these cables are entrenched in our everyday life, it is crucial that they remain safe and are tested regularly using a cable tension meter.

When searching for the proper cable tension meter, there are a few key characteristics you need to look for:

  1. Quick Checks
    The cable tension meter you use should be easy and quick. Especially when you have multiple cables to check, you shouldn’t be spending half your day trying to check the tension of the cables. Your cable tension meter should be able to quickly measure and retrieve readings in seconds.
  2. Multiple Cable Sizes
    A cable tension meter is truly useless if it can only measure one size of rope. You will then have to go out and purchase a different tension meter for each rope size you are testing and have to keep track of all these cable tension meters. Finding a cable tension meter that can adjust to different cable sizes and remember those sizes in its memory is an important aspect in choosing a tension meter.
  3. Calibration
    Depending on the industry you’re in, it is extremely important for the cable tension meter to be traceable to NIST. Finding a distributor that can provide a calibrated cable tension meter that is NIST traceable allows you to hit the ground running with measurements. Further, some distributors can perform NIST traceable calibrations on-site, which keeps you from wasting time and money sending away all of your cable tension meters for calibration.

There are a couple options on the market for different cable tension meters, but only a few carry the specifications above. The cable tension meters that do have those characteristics are the best investment because you are able to get more done in a short period of time with fewer equipment.

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