Calibration Asset Management

You just had your test and measurement instruments picked up for their regular calibration service… now what do you do? For several calibration customers the answer would be to just wait until the calibration has been completed. However, businesses that require calibration services are often uncertain of when their calibration will be completed, and they certainly don’t know the progress of their calibration. This isn’t the case for e2b calibration customers.

Calibration Asset Managemente2b calibration uses an advanced asset management system called Anytime Assets. This system allows customers to track the progress of their calibrated assets. Anytime Assets is a cloud-based inventory tracking software, so it enables users to remotely track their calibrated assets from any location that has internet access.

It’s true that some other labs have asset systems. Although, the difference between e2b calibration’s asset tracking system and asset tracking systems of other labs it that Anytime Assets has the availability of inventory photos. Our customers are provided with a photo directory of all their calibrated instruments, so they can physically ‘view’ their inventory. Also, Anytime Assets notifies customers of when they are due for service on individual items, so your instruments don’t become forgotten and lose dependability.

Some labs make customers pay for the use of their asset tracking systems. The Anytime Assets tracking service is provided free to all e2b calibration customers. Customers are given a secure login where they can monitor the progress of all their calibrated items by make, model or serial number. Also, customers are provided with a complete historical record of their item’s condition, and their certificate of calibration can be viewed on the Anytime Assets network by anyone with a secure password.

The Anytime Assets tracking system offers unique capabilities such as full photos and appointment notifications. It is just one way that e2b calibration offers simple, affordable and practical calibration services to their customers.

by Josh Bailey

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