Brooks Variable Area Flow Meter Calibration

Brooks Variable Area Flow Meter Calibration Variable area flow meters are a cost-effective solution for the measurement of flow in gases and liquid due to the meters high levels of repeatability, stability, and consistency in measurement. Brooks VA flow meters are known for their rugged design which has given the product the reputation of being meters that are durable and suitable for difficult applications and harsh environments.

Brooks Variable Area Flow Meter Calibration is important to ensure the meters are returning accurate results. The VA meter is capable of measuring flow rates with process pressure approaching 20,000 psi/1350 bar and process fluid temperatures of 750 °F/420 °C. but without proper calibration, you cannot trust that the meter is working as it appears to be. There are five primary elements to a variable area flow meter and each element plays a vital role which is why Brooks Variable Area Flow Meter Calibration is of such importance.

These five elements are:

• Metering tube – this contains the fluid and the float
• Float –this moves up or down based on flow rate
• Scale –this is used to read the flow rate
• Process connections (end fittings) –this is used to connect the process fluid lines
• Body or housing – this is the structure that contains all other elements.

With over six decades of experience in variable area flow meter design and manufacturing, Brooks VA meters can be found in many applications, from very simple to extremely sophisticate.

Some of these applications include:

  • Process Analyzers
  • Rotating Equipment
  • Offshore Oil Platforms
  • Boiler control
  • Purge applications
  • Tank blanketing
  • Simple flow measurement

What to look for in your Brooks Variable Area Flow Meter Calibration service provider

• ISO-17025: 2005 Registered with ACLASS
• ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 Certified
• NIST Traceable Wide scope of ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation
• Quality systems
• Extensive capabilities across
• On-site service capability



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