Air flow meter calibration

air flow meter calibrationAir flow meters serve to measure how much air is flowing through a tube at a given time
however, the meter does not measure volume of the air but the speed of the air as it moves through the device. Over time these meters can wear out or even fail which will significantly decrease the performance of the application in which they are found, often times they are found in engines. The possibility of failure and the inevitable wearing of the meter is why it is important to have regular maintenance such as air flow meter calibration.

Air flow meters are often used in cars to measure the amount of air going into the combustion engine; this is predominately in modern electronic diesel engines to help determine the air intake for them. Petrol engines use the air measurement to determine the amount of fuel to be injected into the cylinder

There are a few different kinds of meters that require air flow meter calibration include:
Vane (flap) type which measure the volume of air
Hot wire measures speed of air flow
Hot film measure speed of air flow.

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