5 Ways to Utilize Cloud Asset Tracking Software

 Cloud Asset Tracking Software Every business has valuable assets-but do you know where your physical assets are? Where they have been? Who used them? Misuse or loss of assets can result in huge costs for your company.  Making sure you know everything about your assets will help you avoid compliance issues, regulatory fines, law suites, expenditures for asset replacement, and much more. Here are just a handful of the many ways you can utilize a cloud asset tracking software to achieve the above, as well as increase productivity, cut down the risk of legal problems, and more.

5 ways to use cloud asset tracking software

Track employees: your employees are your most important asset, and there is a tone of information you might need to know about each employee at any given moment. Such as, location, hire dates, review dates, skills, training, and any other human resource information you need to manage your workforce.

Manage your IT assets: This might include servers, personal computers, phone systems, operating systems and more. Track serial numbers, warranty contracts, user licenses, versions, and other critical information.

Office assets: Document all of your major office equipment including furniture, copiers, printers, or other major assets by location, by employee, date purchased, and more.

Industrial equipment: It’s critical to keeping close tabs on your expensive and important pieces of machinery, equipment, tools, gauges, molds, dies, vehicles, jigs, etc. With cloud asset management tracking software you can identify service dates, hours used, location, serial numbers, manufacturer, incidents, date purchased, and more.

Documents: Use the system to attach important files to assets, such as owner’s manuals, warranties, contracts, and other critical documents.

Calibration records: When was the last time you had calibration on an instrument done? how far out of spec was it? When it is up for calibration next? You can use the system to answer these questions and more and track instrument calibration schedules to sure your they are always performing at their best.

There is much, much more you can do with cloud asset tracking software and to make things even better, with cloud software there is nothing to install or maintain. All you need to do is log into your account and you will have instance access to your information anywhere, anytime.

Anytime Assets is a cloud asset tracking software solution that allows you to track any asset, manage equipment, tools, gauges, people, IT assets, office equipment, vehicles, jigs, dies, molds, and other assets online. Manage asset images and attachments to quickly identify assets and related documents like manuals, service contracts, warranties, and more. Track asset movement from location to location or use as a tool crib with check-in and check-out capabilities. It is a fully customizable database available anytime, anywhere. Contact us for more information

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