2 Crucial Questions About ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Services

Not every lab offers ISO 17025 accredited calibration services, so what are the benefits of working with one? And how do you know if the lab you are using is an ISO 17025-accredited calibration lab? Is compliance the same thing as accreditation? These questions were answered in a recent interview with Bill Hirt of ACLASS Accreditation Services.

Hirt cited international confidence and traceability to be among the most important reasons for using an accredited calibration lab but other important factors include accuracy, repeatability, and reliability of the calibrations and the technicians performing them. Another important point discussed in the interview is that having your calibration done by the manufacturer does not mean traceability! Not all manufacturers are ISO 17025-accredited and that is a common point of confusion for many.

What’s the difference between an ISO 17025-accredited calibration lab and a lab that is compliant?

An ISO 17025 accredited calibration lab goes through a strict annual audit each year where an auditor will come in and watch technicians work, review the labs documentation for standards and customer certifications, and verify that the lab meets all requirements necessary and they are using proper test equipment to perform their calibrations. Any lab can be compliant but they are not accredited. Labs who are compliant do not go through this auditing process and are not recognized by the ISO accreditation body. This means the lab has not proven they have the competence, expertise, equipment required, or the proper procedures to perform valid calibrations.

Is your lab ISO 17025-accredited?

How do you know if the manufacturer or lab provides ISO 17025 accredited calibration services? Speak with someone from the lab and be sure to request documentation. Specifically you are looking for their “Scope of Accreditation” which states what the lab has been accredited for. Another indication is an accreditation icon that will be on the calibration certificate provided to you after the calibration was complete.

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